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Hello everyone, welcome to the official site for Radiant Dragons™. Here, we will have our team posted. We will also have upcoming tournaments, matches, and everything else you can think of. On this site, we will be keeping our fans/community updated with our blog/news page. If you also need help with anything, feel free to contact us as well.

Radiant Dragons will be providing more details on how to enter so please, DO NOT ask us how to join. It is very simple, you will have to apply through out application page. Here’s the catch, it is hard to become apart of Radiant Dragons. So, please don’t hesitate to fill out that application because you might be that lucky person to become an official member.

Tournaments and events will be hosted through our league, Aka; All Stars League (ASL). We will host private, non private tournaments and events for our community and team.

Partnerships and everything else will be discussed in our other blog post. So please be aware of that. Thank you!

This is the header for the twitter of AS.

Please be aware of what’s coming…

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